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Matawan ChiropractorOur Matawan chiropractor at NJ Spine and Wellness Center offers a variety of pain management services to fit every patient's needs and unique lifestyle. Our specialty services use holistic, non-invasive therapies to promote healing, prevent injury, and encourage wellness in all patients. Our specialty services are intended to take spinal manipulation a step further by complementing your regular chiropractic treatments and spinal adjustments.

Our Matawan Chiropractor Offers a Full Menu of Pain Management Services

Designed to complement regular spinal adjustments, our Matawan chiropractor also offers a variety of specialized pain management services. While spinal adjustments help your body heal and function properly by restoring the pathways of communication between your brain, nervous system, and body parts, further treatment is sometimes necessary for pain management or prevention.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression - Designed as a non-invasive alternative to surgery, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy relieves spinal inflammation due to damaged, bulging, or herniated discs. With the use of our ISCS 2.0 decompression machine, our chiropractor creates a small vacuum (negative pressure) within the affected vertebrae which increases blood flow, encourages healing, reduces pain and inflammation, and restores the natural alignment of the spine. Although every patient's body reacts differently to spinal decompression therapy, most patients report improvement after the first session.

LiteCure Laser Therapy - Along with LiteCure Laser Therapy, our chiropractor can supplement your spinal adjustments with the healing powers of a class IV laser. This painless therapy has been shown to be effective in treating chronic and acute pain by aiding cells in producing a fuel known as ATP, which reduces inflammation and promotes healing. Laser therapy works in conjunction with your spinal adjustments to accelerate the healing process. While adjustments re-align the spine, taking pressure off of nerves, laser therapy encourages healing at the cellular level. Laser therapy accelerates the healing process while relieving pain through reduced inflammation.

Game Ready Treatment - Designed to help athletes perform in and out of the game, Game Ready Treatment uses proactive care to maintain optimal wellness, heal injuries, and prevent sports-related injuries. Subluxations of the vertebrae block the nervous system's ability to deliver messages between the brain and the rest of the body. This blocked communication leads to weakened muscles and poor balance, compromising athletic performance and increasing the risk of becoming injured. Subluxated vertebrae can hinder performance, leading to serious sports-related injuries and health problems.

Our chiropractor recommends Game Ready Treatment for any physically active person at any level. Whether playing competitive or intramural sports, training for a race, or planning to establish a more physically active lifestyle, regular chiropractic adjustments will reduce the risk of serious injuries and help your body maintain a state of wellness.

Depending on the intensity of your athletic activities, our chiropractor might also recommend corrective treatment to improve balance, posture, and increase flexibility. Improving these aspects of your physical health will complement your strength and endurance training, improving physical ability as well as preventing sports injuries.

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