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Shoulder Pain Treatment with our Freehold, Old Bridge, and Matawan Chiropractor

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You may not give a second thought to those remarkably versatile joints known as your shoulders until one day they start causing you discomfort. Shoulder pain may be related to soft tissue strain, degeneration within the joint, an acute injury, or even a problem occurring elsewhere in the body. But you don't have to consume painkillers or live with limited shoulder function. Our chiropractor here at NJ Spine and Wellness, Dr. Bufano, can pinpoint the source of your agony and provide natural, non-invasive shoulder pain treatment.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain can have many potential causes. Some of the common culprits include:

  • Tendinitis - Micro-tears in the shoulder tendons can create acute or chronic inflammatory pain.
  • Strains and sprains - Stretching/tearing of the muscles or connective tissues of the rotator cuff (the tissues that mobilize the shoulder) can make shoulder motion painful.
  • Frozen shoulder - The opposite of overuse strain, frozen shoulder is a painful condition promoted by long periods of shoulder immobilization.
  • Bursitis - Painful inflammation can develop in the fluid-filled bursae that normally reduce friction in the shoulder joint.
  • Dislocation - Acute pain can occur if the shoulder joint is forced out of its socket, as in a high-impact injury.
  • Referred pain - An impingement in a cervical or thoracic nerve or nerve root can refer pain signals to the shoulder, making you think the shoulder itself is injured.  

Chiropractic Adjustment, Physical Therapy and Other Solutions

The first step in getting all-natural relief for your shoulder pain is to schedule an evaluation at NJ Spine and Wellness. Our chiropractor will examine, not just the shoulder joint, but also your spinal alignment to track down the actual origin point of your pain. An acute injury such as a dislocation can be corrected immediately through chiropractic adjustment to the shoulder joint. Extremity adjustments can also correct subtle positional problems that may be contributing to soft tissue strain. Spinal adjustments and spinal decompression can relieve nerve impingement that might be referring pain to the shoulder.

Your personalized shoulder pain treatment plan may include other therapies as well as chiropractic care. For example, massage and laser therapy can both reduce inflammation and pain while helping injured tissues repair themselves. You may also benefit from corrective exercises and physical therapy techniques to get your shoulder working properly again.

Call Our Freehold and Matawan Chiropractor

Our Freehold and Matawan chiropractor is ready to help you enjoy relief from that aching shoulder. Call NJ Spine and Wellness today at (732) 316-5895 to set up an appointment so we can find and fix the problem!

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