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Pinched Nerve Treatment at Old Bridge Spine & Wellness

A pinched nerve can occur in multiple places throughout your body, including your back, shoulders and even fingers. Left untreated, this uncomfortable sensation can wreak havoc on your body and diminish your quality of life.

Our Chiropractor at the Old Bridge Spine & Wellness facility, servicing Old Bridge, Matawan, Freehold and the surrounding areas of New Jersey, performs pinched nerve treatment to bring relief to our patients.

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What Is a Pinched Nerve?

A pinched nerve happens when there is pressure or constriction on the nerve fibers, which leads to pain, inflammation, tenderness and a feeling of pins-and-needles within the affected area.        

This intrusion interferes with the network of nerve cells and the culprits can be the muscles, tissues or bones - sometimes it is a combination of all of these. These actions can manifest in something minor, such as a person’s foot falling asleep or in a more serious manner as when an individual suffers from a herniated disc.  

Common Reasons for Pinched Nerves

Common causes for pinched nerves include a herniated disc, in which the cartilage rupture and its substance spill out and irritate the nerve root, leading to pangs that might span towards the legs. 

Carpal tunnel is also an example of pinched nerves caused by pressure on the nerve that runs through the passageway of the wrist, resulting in weakness, tingling of the fingers and pain.

Conditions such as arthritis, obesity and demanding and persistent activities can damage the nerves as well.

What Are the Symptoms and How It’s Determined?

The symptoms could include radiating pain, numbness, prickly and burning sensations. 

The doctor can diagnose your symptoms by running several tests, including measuring your electrical impulses to check for nerve damage. They could give you an MRI to see a comprehensive image of your nervous system or use ultrasound.       

See Our Chiropractors for Pinched Nerve Treatment 

After getting your medical history and administering a complete physical exam. We will then discuss techniques to alleviate your pain.

Our procedure can include alignment, physical therapy, customized exercise, laser treatment and non-invasive decompression. All these methods are geared towards helping our patients to get back on track as soon as possible.    

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When you have a pinched nerve, you want and need help quickly. That is why our Old Bridge Spine & Wellness provides numerous solutions from analyzing our patient’s musculoskeletal system to applying physical therapy for faster healing.

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