Physical Therapy FAQ

Injuries occur as a result of a variety of situations and factors. When you have an injury and want to address the underlying concerns that may impair your mobility, a professional may recommend physical therapy. Our chiropractor in Freehold, Old Bridge, and Matawan can help you get the relief you need today. 

Physical Therapy

What Does Physical Therapy in Old Bridge Entail?

Physical therapy in Old Bridge focuses on helping your body rebuild strength, flexibility, and mobility after an accident or injury. Depending on the specific area of your body that requires treatment and the underlying factors that may contribute to your discomfort, a therapist may use a variety of methods to assist with your goals.

As a general rule, the treatment focuses on directed exercises. By working on your strength and flexibility through proper exercise and using the appropriate form, you recover from an injury and start the healing process.

What Does Physical Therapy in Freehold Treat?

Physical therapy in Freehold treats a variety of concerns. It may treat physical injuries from an auto accident, work-related accident or any other situation that leads to certain injuries. We may also treat sports-related injuries when it may interfere with your mobility and strength.

While injuries are a common part of the treatment, we also treat certain medical conditions or problems with your body. We may treat spinal stenosis, arthritis and similar conditions of the spine, joints, and bones. When used for rehabilitation, physical therapy may help when you or a loved one needs assistance recovering from a medical condition like a stroke. The actual treatments depend on your situation and the severity of your injuries.

When Should You Visit a Therapist?

Determining when to visit a physical therapist in Matawan depends on your situation. As a general rule, you want to visit a therapist immediately after an accident. You can also benefit from seeking treatment when you notice persistent pain or a lack of mobility, even if an accident occurred at a previous time.

Some injuries, like whiplash, may not cause immediate symptoms. You may notice the symptoms over a period of hours, days or even weeks after an accident. If you do not seek immediate treatment, then consider treatment when you notice chronic and persistent symptoms that interfere with your lifestyle.

How Long Do You Need Treatment?

The duration of treatment depends on your injuries and situation. A mild injury, like a sprained or strained ankle, may only require rest and a few sessions with a chiropractor and therapist. Severe injuries or complicated conditions may require several visits to a therapist to ensure that your body heals properly and that you have the strength to return to your normal activities. A therapist estimates the duration of treatment after evaluating the injuries.

Schedule an Appointment

Physical therapy provides a solution to help your body heal after an accident or a medical condition. Depending on your situation, the specific exercises and treatment may vary. To learn more about our treatment process for physical therapy in Old Bridge or to set up an appointment with a therapist, call (732) 316-5895 today.

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