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Sports Injury Treatment and Prevention

Get back on the field faster, and better than you were before.  Whether you're into a particular sport or you enjoy a wide range of athletic activities, you no doubt prize your body's ability to function at its full potential -- and you feel it all too keenly when that ability fails. Acute sprains, overuse-related strains, neurological problems and musculoskeletal misalignments can force you to miss out on all the fun, while lurking or nagging problems can keep you from achieving your long-term athletic goals. Sports medicine can relieve your symptoms, help you heal completely and take away any underlying performance roadblocks -- and our Freehold, Old Bridge and Matawan functional medicine teams can provide it. 

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Causes of Sports Injury

The sports world has always pushed human physical performance to the highest levels, so it's no wonder that athletes experience so many different injuries on such a frequent basis. A hard football tackle, a hocey check or other high-impact event can jolt your spine out of its normal alignment, herniating discs and pinching nerves. Sudden extreme twisting motions can cause severe joint damage that may require surgical repair. If you do have to undergo major surgery, you may need extensive physical rehabilitation to build that part of the body back up again. Improperly-rehabilitated injuries can often develop adhesions, collections of scar tissue that inhibit range of motion.

Other sports injuries may develop slowly over period of weeks, months or even years before they become debilitating. Overuse injuries are a good example. Constant strenuous motions associated with your favorite sport may create micro-tears in tendons that cause ever-worsening pain and inflammation. Tennis elbow, golf elbow and plantar fasciitis are all common overuse injuries in athletes.

Sports Medicine Treatment For Injuries

Old Bridge Spine and Wellness offers multiple conservative care techniques to help you come back from a sports injury. Chiropractic adjustment is one such technique. If you've sustained a joint misalignment, that joint can't heal itself properly until the misalignment has been corrected. Any chiropractor on our skilled chiropractic team can make these all-important adjustments. Spinal adjustments can also relieve nerve impingement, restoring full function to your extremities.

If you need physical therapy to rehabilitate a soft tissue injury, our personalized program of corrective exercise can increase the load on an injured muscle, tendon or ligament safely and gradually until full strength has been restored. Massage therapy is a useful complement to physical therapy for healing soft tissues heal. Your chiropractor may even prescribe acupuncture to relieve pain to stop muscle spasms at trigger points.

Our Freehold sports medicine services also includes performance training. Our Nationally Accredited Athletic Trainers specialize in sports performance enhancement.  Ongoing chiropractic adjustments, exercises and sports massage sessions can keep your body in optimal condition -- making painful injuries less likely to put you out of the game again.

Learn More About Sports Medicine at Our Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Call our Freehold, Old Bridge or Matawan clinic to learn more about our chiropractic sports medicine options. From injury rehab to wellness care, we're rooting for you!

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