Corrective Exercises

Corrective Exercises at NJ Spine and Wellness

If you're looking to recover from a recent acute injury, still struggling with the after-effects of an old nagging injury, trying to stay comfortable during your pregnancy or worried about maintaining strength, flexibility and good posture for life, then corrective exercises may be just what the chiropractor ordered -- especially if your chiropractor is part of our team here at NJ Spine and Wellness. We can prescribe this form of physical therapy alongside our other natural healing modalities as part of an integrated, personalized program to help you regain and maintain optimal health and comfort. 

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While the human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, that healing progress may be either helped or hindered by the way you use your body during the recovery process. For instance:

  • Muscles and joints that aren't exercised at all for long periods of time may develop stiffness and pain due to adhesions -- collections of scar tissue that form over muscle groups and essentially glue them together.

  • Muscle wasting following an injury or neurological crisis can promote severe balance problems unless the affected parts of the body re-learn how to do their jobs.

  • Longstanding poor posture may have produced uneven muscle tone and other issues that need to be compensated for, even after chiropractic adjustment has addressed any underlying subluxation.

  • Conditions such as pregnancy may temporarily alter your body to such an extent that you may need to combat aches and pains.

How Corrective Exercises in Old Bridge, Freehold and Matawan Can Help

Our chiropractors and physical therapists at NJ Spine and Wellness in Old Bridge, Freehold and Matawan will work closely together to decide what kinds and combinations of corrective exercises and other therapies best suit your specific needs. Examples of corrective exercises may include:

  • Gentle stretches and other exercises to relieve prenatal neck pain and back pain 

  • Balance boards or yoga balls to help you re-train your body's balance and coordination mechanisms

  • Strengthening exercises to rebuild strained, post-operative or atrophied muscle groups and improve spinal support

  • Stretching exercises to help relieve chronic joint pain and stiffness so you can preserve optimal range of motion well into old age

It's important to note that exercises can hurt you as well as help you if you do the wrong ones in the wrong ways. That's why it pays to let our experienced team prescribe specific corrective exercises and supervise your use of them. We can also offer some genuinely remarkable corrective exercises technologies to make things easier, such as our Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This specialized treadmill surrounds your lower body with an inflated "bubble" that lessens the force of gravity of your legs, allowing you to regain strength and balance the easy, safe, gentle way.

Therapeutic Programs for Old Bridge, Freehold and Matawan Residents

NJ Spine and Wellness can help you feel and function as you should. If you're in Old Bridge, Freehold or Matawan and need help with pain, weakness or balance issues, call (732) 316-5895 for an appointment!

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