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If you recently had a head injury occur, the possibility of contracting a concussion is a concern. It is best to call NJ Spine and Wellness in Old Bridge to make an appointment with our chiropractor to help reduce pain and discomfort after a concussion arises. Here is some information about this condition and how our chiropractor can manage and treat it effectively.

Man suffering from a concussion

What A Concussion Is And How It Is Diagnosed

A concussion is actually a mild brain injury. If a sudden jolt to the head occurs, the brain will move around within the head. The brain is surrounded by spinal fluid and tissue, however, the impact to the head causes it to shift slightly. This type of injury is diagnosed by a physician after a series of tests are conducted to determine whether symptoms are present that signify the brain was affected by the injury. Concussions are usually diagnosed when there is a behavioral change in the person who had been injured. Since the brain is affected, memory loss, slurred speech, equilibrium difficulties, or loss of conscience may occur.

Common Causes Of Concussions

Concussions are often the result of sporting activities. If someone engages in a strenuous sport where they fall and hit the head or become hit in the head with an object like a hard ball or disc, a concussion is a possibility. A Concussion can also be caused by movement caused in a vehicular accident, a slip and fall injury, a work-related injury or getting into a fight. A concussion can happen to anyone of any age after an injury to the age occurs, making it important to look for signals of this problem so help is obtained quickly.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

Our chiropractor will perform spinal adjustments to help relieve any discomfort and pain you experience from a concussion. The spine is connected to the other parts of the body, and spinal manipulation helps to inhibit blood flow to the brain. This, in turn, will help to get nerve endings working as they should. Many people find spinal adjustments give them instant relief from headaches and other concussion symptoms.

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If you were recently diagnosed with a Concussion, and you are still suffering from symptoms of this condition, calling NJ Spine and Wellness in Old Bridge to make an appointment with our chiropractor is an option you have available. Give us a call at (732) 316-5895 to set up an evaluation appointment. Our staff will explain the procedures we use in the office and a plan will be tailored to help you eliminate pain and discomfort as you heal from your injury.

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