Car Accident Injury FAQ

Car Accident Injury FAQs in Old Bridge, Freehold and Matawan

At Old Bridge Spine & Wellness, many of our patients initially see us because they are experiencing neck and/or back pain. Sometimes these injuries have been sustained in an automobile accident. If you've been involved in an auto accident in the Old Bridge, Freehold, and Matawan, NJ area, there are some things you should know and steps you should take. Here is a list of some car accident injury FAQs.

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What is the most common injury in auto accidents?

Whiplash, a strain to the neck, is the most common form of injury in a car accident. Whiplash can manifest itself with headaches, the inability to move the head and neck and pain between the shoulders. It can range in severity from mild to debilitating.

Should I see a chiropractor even if I'm not in severe pain?

Absolutely. Pain from an auto accident injury may not be noticed for days, weeks, or even months later. A visit to our chiropractor, however, can determine the depth of any injury sustained to the neck and back area. We can then prescribe a treatment plan to help.

How can a chiropractor help with my auto accident injury?

We'll conduct a physical exam and conduct any other necessary tests. If your neuro-muscular-skeletal system has been jarred out of alignment, we will work to get it back in balance without the use of potentially dangerous drugs or invasive surgery. Many patients feel at least some relief after just one treatment.

Will insurance cover my treatment?

Most insurance policies cover chiropractic care as the result of auto accident injuries. Our professional staff can help you determine your coverage and even assist with paperwork. Cost of care may also be recoverable from an at-fault party or auto insurance company. We are pleased to provide documentation on your care. Even if treatments aren't fully covered, they are surprisingly affordable.

How long will treatment last?

This will depend on how your body reacts to treatments and the extent of injuries sustained. Keep in mind, it is not simply our goal to provide short-term pain relief, but to bring about lasting wellness. This can take weeks or even months of care.

Why should I choose Old Bridge Spine & Wellness as my chiropractor?

Our team of chiropractors are trained at some of the best schools in the country. We use a variety of modalities to bring about wellness including exercise therapy, massage therapy, Active Release Therapy (ART), laser therapy, and spinal decompression. Our staff is professional and friendly and our facilities are comfortable. We also have three convenient locations to serve you in Old Bridge, Freehold, and Matawan, NJ.

How do I make an initial appointment in Old Bridge, Freehold, or Matawan?

You'll be glad to know new patients receive a free initial consultation and MRI review, which is a $250 value. Contact NJ Spine and Wellness serving Old Bridge, Freehold and Matawan today to take advantage of this new patient special. We look forward to helping you along the path to wellness!

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