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Common Questions About Neck Pain

Three Common Questions About Neck Pain

We often get new patients in our office that have similar questions regarding their neck pain. Neck pain plagues most of our population due to how often we are sitting at work with improper posture, and how many hours we spend looking down at our smartphones and tablets. Our NJ Spine and Wellness team has compiled the most common questions we are asked about neck pain in our Freehold, Old Bridge and Matawan offices.

What does neck pain feel like?

Neck pain is unique to every individual. Some may write the pain off as stiffness that can be “fixed” by sleeping differently. Others will feel a constant stabbing pain or soreness across the entire neck region. Some, unfortunately, will experience pain that travels from the next to another part of the body.

What is causing my neck pain?

Our chiropractic team can help you find the root cause of your pain in your neck. There is not one particular culprit, as many causes can come together to form your neck pain. From looking down too much to car accidents to sports injuries, neck pain can come from virtually anything.

How should I treat my neck pain?

We encourage you to visit one of our offices if you experience neck pain that lasts longer than a few days. Sometimes, your pain can just come from sleep. However, if your pain persists, it is time to turn to the professionals. We will give you a full assessment and customized treatment plan to help you find pain relief.

Our Chiropractic Team Can Help You

Have more questions for us? Our friendly staff is ready and available to answer your questions. If you have neck pain and would like immediate relief, turn to NJ Spine and Wellness in our Freehold, Old Bridge, or Matawan offices. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at the location nearest your home or office.

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