Dr. Michelle Nielsen, PT, DPT

Dr. Michelle graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a bachelors degree in Chemistry. She later went on to pursue her doctorate in Physical Therapy from Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Michelle has a strong passion for a holistic approach to patient care and believes in facilitating patients to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Michelle believes that every patient is unique and tailors each treatment to each patient's individual physical needs and goals. Michelle strives to lead by example and maintain an active lifestyle and healthy diet. In her spare time Michelle likes to ride horses, lift weights, and spend time with family and friends. In the future, Michelle looks to continue her education in Active Release Techniques and Functional Manual Therapy.

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  • "I have worked with Dr. Michelle for the past 4 months due to a shoulder injury. Dr. Michelle is truly amazing! She is personable, professional and compassionate. Every week she kept me motivated and focused to stay on track. She is truly amazing and I would recommend Dr. Michelle to anyone who is need of a physical therapist."
    Jill K (4/11/17)
  • "When I first arrived at “Spine and Wellness” from New York, my body was a mess. I hadn’t been taking care of my body or to the gym in a very long time due to the extreme pain in my knee. They checked my blood pressure and it was extremely high. Doctor Michelle was very concerned kept asking how I was feeling. She walked with me to try to find a doctor that I said was close by. She made a workout plan for me and called me out if she thought I was slacking!( She has eyes in the back of her head and very acute hearing)Within two weeks I felt that I was ready to try to get back into the gym. By being able to get back into the gym I’ve lost over 40 lbs in just a little over two months! I’m not done yet… Thanks Doc for everything."
    Vernon M (4/1/17)
  • "Dr. Michelle is an amazing physical therapist. Thanks to her I am better and 100% pain free. My improvement was evident within the first few sessions. The staff is professional, dedicated and very knowledgeable."
    Jose T (3/12/17)
  • "Excellent. I worked with Michelle for 5 days while Dr. Mike was on vacation. I found her to be very caring and dedicated to her area of expertise."
    Pat D (2/19/17)
  • "To Dr. Michelle, thank you very much for working on my back."
    Leonardo F (2/8/17)
  • "Dr. Michelle is truly amazing! Every time I walk into the training area she immediately takes note of how I am walking and always asks how I am doing that day. This approach helps her determine how that day’s session will be conducted. Dr. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in her field and her professional/personal approach to her work is truly remarkable. I have spent the last few months with her and the team and can absolutely see and feel the difference in my body. I have had chronic lower back pain for many years and Dr. Michelle has helped to eliminate a great deal of that pain, and her positive energy and dedication has helped me to feel stronger and healthier than I have in a very long time. I highly recommend Dr. Michelle to anyone who has either a new injury/issue they are dealing with or a long standing condition like I have. She will help guide you to a much more healthy and active lifestyle."
    Rob R (1/21/17)
  • "The only words that come to mind for Dr. Michelle are "magic" and "miracle worker." She has truly helped me so much. My headaches are lessening in frequency and severity. I am learning how to properly walk, sit, stand, and exercise to control the neck and back pain and daily headaches/ migraines I've always had. She not only has a great "bed side manner" and genuine empathy for her patients' suffering but her knowledge and expertise far surpassed my expectations. I cannot thank her enough for how much of a difference she has made in my life."
    Stacy (12/17/16)
  • "Dr. Michelle has been working with me on my neck and lower back pain. She is an amazing physical therapist who makes me work hard. I have had significant improvements from when I started thanks to Dr. Michelle and the entire staff. I would highly recommend anyone in need of physical therapy to see Dr. Michelle!"
    Sam W (11/30/16)
  • "Dr Michelle is a shining star at Old Bridge Spine and Wellness....she manages to always smile and keep you laughing even though she is very motivational and aggressive during physical therapy. Would not hesitate a moment to recommend her to anyone in need. If you want to work hard, go see Dr Michelle!"
    Patrick (11/22/16)
  • "Very friendly, taking good care and explaining well to make sure the exercise is done in the right way."
    Mylsamy P (11/9/16)
  • "Dr. Michelle helped me get thru rehab after being in a car accident back in February. I was having symptoms of neck and back pain which made it very hard for me to resume my daily routine. With the help of Dr. Michelle and the exceptional staff, I was able to return to all the things I love to do. Thank you Michelle for your amazing hands, your caring personality, and your absolute motivation in helping me thru my recovery!!!"
    Reshma M (10/3/16)
  • "On April 12th 2016 I fell and broke my elbow- from it being in a sling it was completely in the bent position. In May I met a GREAT Therapist and Wonderful person!!!! Dr. Michelle! Thank you! Your wonderful smile and motivating attitude has brought me the bitter sweet point where I am almost finished with therapy. What else can I say but Thank you for caring so much about me and my progress!!!!"
    Arlene D. (9/23/16)
  • "My daughter sees Dr. Michelle Nielsen for her scoliosis. Michelle is great and listens to my daughter. She is extremely knowledgeable and very personable. We love Dr. Michelle Nielsen and would highly recommend her!"
    Rosenberg (8/3/16)
  • "Excellent Therapist. She listens to your concerns and works with you to make you feel better. I would recommend her to anyone."
    Pat A (6/1/16)
  • "Michelle is an amazing physical therapist and person! She is extremely knowledgeable and challenges me at every session. I have worked with her addressing two separate injuries and my results have have been dramatic. She is truly an asset to the team!"
    Rhiannon S (5/26/16)
  • "Dr. Michelle helped me with my major knee problems and was concerned about my well being. She went the extra mile in helping me while I helped her become a better "quarterback" while she helped my balance, knees, and core. I still hear her voice in my head when I do my exercises "keep that stomach tight". She helps everyone with advice and her smile."
    Chuck K (5/21/16)
  • "Dr. Michelle has been helping me alleviate my knee pain and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I often come straight from work and she does a great job of motivating and infuses the sessions with energy. You can tell she genuinely cares about improving your overall health and does a fantastic job of holding you accountable in a positive way."
    Brian R (5/2/16)
  • "I have worked with Michelle for the past four months due to lower back pain. Throughout this process, Michelle has been compassionate and has always taken my well being into consideration. She has also worked collaboratively with Dr. Dan in using "dry needling" as a more holistic approach to reducing pain. Presently, I do not take oral medications for pain and continue to get stronger through exercises and massage therapy. I am very appreciate for all of her patience and dedication to my improvement. As we plan for my discharged she is already making plans for my follow up care and teaching functional movements to use within my own environment. I highly recommend Dr. Michelle as a physical therapist and health professional. Thank you."
    Lisa G (4/28/16)
  • "Michelle worked with my daughter Olivia for three months for her neck torticollis. She has a great personality and she is very compassionate at what she does. As a new mother she put me at ease. My daughter Olivia ending up loving her. Michelle has even named Olivia's teddy bear for her, lamy. I wouldn't have been able to get through my three times a week PT sessions for three months without her positive and up beat personality."
    Laura H (4/24/16)
  • "From the very first appt. I had with Michelle she was sensitive to my needs, compassionate about the pain I felt and dedicated to getting me better. Michelle is always pleasant and greets me with a great big smile. She takes my concerns and wellness seriously. Her patience and dedication never waivers. I will always be grateful to her. She is truly special and a great physical therapist!"
    Roseanne P. (3/5/16)

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