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Dr. Michael Zolotnitsky, PT, DPT

Dr. Mike was born in Italy, grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and currently resides in Morganville, NJ. He received his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA in December of 2014.  Dr. Mike is currently leading our neurological department to treat various conditions including, but not limited to concussions, MS, stroke, and Parkinson's Disorder.  Dr. Mike is attaining his vestibular certification to further improve complaints of dizziness, headaches, and all balance dysfunction.  He prides himself on performing high level balance activities to include walking with eyes closed, uneven surfaces, and loves to incorporate boxing to further challenge his patients.

In addition to neurological treatment, Dr. Mike utilizes the Mulligan Concept to perform pain-free physical therapy that immediately improves function.  He offers a personalized aquatic therapy program for indoor and outdoor pool settings.  Dr. Mike has completed three half marathons in one year and offers running tips as well as gym strategies. In addition, he is a national speaker for the Hemophilia community, speaking to various groups in the bleeding disorder family.

During his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his family and two younger nephews, making his girlfriend happy, traveling and experiencing various cultures, and learning different languages. He is fluent in Russian and has a basic understanding of Spanish.

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"I came here after hurting my lower back in the gym. Dr.Mike did an outstanding job at identifying my pain and quickly went to work. After 2 visits, all of my pain is gone. Something that would typically take 2-3 weeks to recover from, took less than a week under Dr.Mike's supervision. I highly recommend anyone to see him to be pain free!"
-Slava K (3/29/17)

"I had an excellent experience. Dr. Michael is a caring, compassionate professional individual who helped me to get back on my feet. I'm very grateful to him."
-P. L. (3/29/17)

"Mike was excellent and so is his entire staff!"
-Michele S (3/29/17)

"Mike was great. Definitely knew his stuff. Was very informative about the mechanics of the human body and help me become more aware of why and where my pain was coming from. He was very easy to work with, was considerate of my busy work schedule and concentrated on what needed the most work. He helped me tremendously in short time. Thank you Mike."
-Jack C (3/28/17)

"Dr. Mike is truly an expert at his craft. He has completely surpassed my expectations. When I started 6 weeks ago my hope was to just be able to drive and sleep without my hand going numb. As of today I'm nearly pain free without medication. I owe this to Dr. Mike and Old Bride Spine & Wellness."
-Marcus L (3/25/17)

"Dr Mike has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. It was a great pleasure working with him and his team. Had a couple tears in my shoulder and didn't have much hope going into therapy. Doctor Mike worked with me on a weekly basis over several months and over time my shoulder reacted very well to therapy. Without his knowledge, I don't think my shoulder would have recovered as well as it did."
-Tom (2/27/17)

"Dr. Mike did an amazing job improving my range of motion in my neck. He is completely dedicated to his position at OBSW. He remembers everyone's name, their children's names, family members. He remembers the last story you told him and can pick up like you just stopped talking five minutes ago. Despite my hectic schedule, Dr. Mike always found a way to squeeze me in and focus his time efficiently. I never in a million years thought I would regain the flexibility in my neck. I owe Dr. Mike a ton. Professional, courteous, punctual and does whatever it takes to get the job done. What else can you ask for..?"
-D. Nolasco (2/24/17)

"Dr. Mike has done a fabulous job in getting me pain free. Also his core strengthening regime has made a big difference in my overall wellness."
-Pat D (2/19/17)

"Dr Mike has changed my perspective of physical therapy. I have had severe back pain from congenital stenosis in my lower spine. This pain has been persistent for about a decade. I tried going to PT offices before and none of them provided any results so I gave up. Dr Mike convinced me to try him out. My expectations were very low based on my history of going to other doctors. Going to Dr Mike for treatment turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. He came up with a treatment plan that eliminated my lower back pain in 3 months. Ten years of everyday pain gone in 3 months because of Dr Mike. I know not of words that can express the gratitude I have towards his efforts to improve my quality of life. Whether you are a long time friend or someone Mike meets for the first time, you will receive the best care that any Dr can provide. From the initial evaluation you will see his determination and passion. Thank you Dr Mike and everyone at OB Spine & Wellness."
-Dima (2/17/17)

"Dr. Mike has been working on my neck injury for a few months and I have seen great results throughout the time I've been coming. Dr.Mike is extremely helpful making sure that I see good results and provides home exercise to better my neck. I enjoy going to Old Bridge spine and wellness as they are very friendly and all the staff makes sure I as well as other are well taken care of at all times."
-Nicole B (2/17/17)

"Dr. Mike has been working on my neck injury for a few months and I have seen great results throughout the time I've been coming. Dr.Mike is extremely helpful making sure that I see good results and provides home exercise to better my neck. I enjoy going to Old Bridge spine and wellness as they are very friendly and all the staff makes sure I as well as others are well taken care of at all times."
-Nicole B (2/12/17)

"Great experience and helped my hamstring get back to 100%. He has been great help for exercises and correcting my form!"
-Jake N (2/8/17)

"To Mike thank you very much for working on my back and my exercise program and being a good friend. I will give a Mike high recommendation for physical therapist."
-Leonardo F (2/8/17)

"Dr. Mike was my primary therapist and became a friend as well. When I first walked into his office I could barely walk due to having had spinal surgery. He explained to me what he was going to do to make me better. I went to him 3 times a week for almost 4 months and now I am walking better than ever and able to function normally. His method of therapy have made me stronger and more flexible and I am grateful for his dedication to my healing and betterment. At the end of my sessions he took time out to print out a course of exercises that I should continue in my everyday life and what not to do in order to protect my back and legs. I thank him for his attentiveness great care."
-Denis A (2/2/17)

"My experience with Dr. Michael has been terrific. He has been treating me for vertigo therapy which was a result of an elevator accident. He is extremely professional and knowledgable in the treat;ment of the symptoms relating to my concussion. Although my recovery period is slow, his treatment plan has been very effective and I am slowly getting better. I recommend anyone suffering from concussion, vertigo and balance issues to be in Dr. Michael's care."
-Al F (1/30/17)

"I came into old bridge spine not expecting much relief since i have been to other places before. I can honestly say this place is amazing from the in depth evaluation by Dr Mike, my MRI review with Dr Dan and feeling better getting dry needled. Sean, the exercise specialist was a huge help in doing my strength test and explaining what muscles are weak. I feel much better and highly recommend Dr Michael Zolotnitsky and the rest of the staff."
-Nicole M (1/28/17)

"Who knew that when I walked into OBSW it would change my life! I entered almost a year ago with back pain and now I feel like the “bionic woman.” If it was not for everyone at OBSW I would have gone on just existing, not realizing that I had so much to work on related to my MS that could be improved. Under Dr. Mike’s expertise my balance, gait and strength issues are addressed and each therapy session is customized. I am ever so impressed how he zeroes in on the specific muscles causing my problems and adjusts the exercises every time. I can now stand still and have a conversation without feeling like I am going to fall over all the time. Aside from the fact that his therapy is working - his humor, compassion and empathy make me keep coming back. Thanks Dr. Mike for helping me appreciate the little things again, like retrieving an object off the floor without difficulty! I never believed or knew that I could feel this good – but you always did and never gave up on me!"
-Karen D (1/19/17)

"When I suffered a concussion, Dr. Mike made it his mission to help me get better using fun exercises! Couldn't have gotten better without him. Thanks Mike!!"
-Allie A (1/16/17)

"Dr. Mike was incredible in helping me back from a terrible injury..he was there every step of the way and really knew what he was doing for a young pt was very impressed how knowledgeable and experienced he was. Would definitely recommend Michael to anyone looking for a quick and fun rehab!"
-Alex P (12/4/16)

"Working with Dr. Mike Z has been a great pleasure. The pain I came in with has significantly reduced allowing for more mobilization in my daily routine life. My strength and balance has increased 50% within just 3 months of working with Dr. Mike Z. I'd highly recommend him as one of the best along with his wonderful team at Old Bridge."
-Dana W (11/25/16)

"Dr. Mike has been taken care of my neck issues before and after my surgery and I credit him along with the rest of NJ Spine & Wellness Center with my recovery! If you have any neck or back issues these are the people to see! EXCELLENT SERVICE!"
-William W (11/3/16)

"My experience with Dr. Mike has been very productive , especially regarding the treatment I received for my neck and upper back. My range of motion is better than it has been since I was in my teens!"
-Rich H (11/2/16)

"My experience with Dr. Mike was very positive! He was very attentive in helping me achieve my goals of increasing my flexibility. He was always pleasant and positive and would listen to my concerns. I would highly recommend him!"
-Christine B (10/11/16)

"Dr. Michael has exceeded my expectations along with the rest of Old Bridge Spine and Wellness staff. He has helped to alleviate my back pain. I am very pleased with the attention and care I have received."

-Anthony G (10/9/16)

"My experience with Dr. Michale zolotinitsky was great, I wasn't able to walk when I came on the first day but know I can jog, he knows what he's doing and has a lot of experience."
-Ali B (9/13/16)

"Dr. Zolotnitsky is both compassionate and motivated while caring for his patients. Every single time I came in for physical therapy he was focused on getting my knee better than it was before reconstructive surgery. He was very focused on helping me achieve the goals I set."
-Caitlin C (8/20/16)

"Working with Dr. Mike is always great. He is upbeat, very knowledgeable and continues to expand his treatment abilities. He worked with me on a separated left shoulder this and helped me increase strength significantly in just under two months. As much as I've enjoyed working with him, I hope to not be back in his care anytime soon!"
-Dylan K (8/19/16)

"Mike has a good eye for physical therapy. He is easily among the top budding PTs of the world: I can't even begin to imagine where he will be in 10+ years. If you can see him, don't hesitate to make an appointment. He is one of the best in the area."
-John (8/17/16)

"Dr. Zolo offers a personalized treatment that tackles the root of your pain at every angle possible. Not only is his treatment extremely effective, Dr. Zolo and the staff at OBSW make the whole experience both easy to understand and enjoyable. Make an appointment with Dr. Zolo for the relief you're looking for. Feel much better right away with Dr. Zolo."
-Arthur (8/12/16)

"My experience with Doctor Mike was exceptional. He developed a plan specifically for my injury. He worked with me one on one and give me his undivided attention during all my exercises. He helped me get back to my normal activities and all my workout routines. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs physically therapy for any type of pain or injury as he is truly great and passionate about his job."
-Steven P (6/30/16)

"Dr. Mike really took care of me when I tore my MCL at my softball game. He was patient and knew how to get me back to being healthy again. I came out of physical therapy stronger and feeling better then ever. And since I am a athlete he had me back on the field 8 weeks after my injury, which was amazing. I can't thank Dr. Mike enough for everything he did for me and making sure I was back on the field. With Dr. Mike came the whole S&W OB team, and they really took care of me and helped me with all my exercises and made sure I had no pain while doing them too. They are the best and made my recovery quick and easy. Thank you Dr. Mike and the whole S&W OB team!"
-Alex D (6/27/16)

"My dad is an 87 year old Parkinson's patient of Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike is patient and knows how to not only treat seniors but patients with this neurological disorder. When my dad is undergoing therapy, his mood improves and he immediately regains his ability to move and most importantly balance, which is critical for anyone with this condition. Dr. Mike provides detailed explanations of the therapy steps and at home exercises so I as a caregiver can also perform same at home. He has also impressed my family by his willingness to improve on his Spanish so he can better communicate with my dad. I only hope Dr. Mike would make house calls for my dad’s therapy! Along with Dr. Mike, I have to applaud the entire S&W OB team because they truly show that they care for my dad’s improvement and are normally cheering him on and protecting him and his surroundings as my dad performs balancing exercises. It was suggested by a Parkinson’s Foundation for me to look for a specific type of therapist to work with my dad. After I told them about how Dr. Mike has connected with and cares for my dad, they said “stick with him!” Thank you, Dr. Mike."
-Carmen (6/13/16)

"I've been living with MS for the last 12 yrs and having issues with my balance and walking. I've been going to obsw for almost 2 years working with Dr Z and Dr Dan on my problems. Now with their help I am able to get myself off of the floor and even walk on a beach. Dr Z has been challenging me on every visit. I know I will not be what I was before my diagnosis, but with help from obsw I will be able to function and get around a lot better."
-Ray L (6/7/16)

"Dr. Michael Zolotnitsky and his team are absolutely excellent. This place is not spacious, but it has enough space and all of the equipment you need. All of the workers are pleasant and knowledgeable. I am so grateful to have recovered here, and have Dr. Michael Zolotnitsky as my primary doctor. He is very professional and supportive doctor that any patient needs. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs professional like Dr. Michael Zolotnitsky.
-Ruzanna G (6/5/16)

"Everybody here is the best for chiropractic and physical therapy. Very clean place with the best workers. They will take very good care of you. They helped me with the headaches, I came in with very bad ones and I am leaving without them."
-Sami G (5/25/16)

"When I first came to see Dr. Michael Zolotnitsky, Dr. Mike, I had a complex right hip problem that impaired my ability to walk and to stand on my right leg. My orthopedic specialist recommended PT as the first step in rehabilitating my right hip. My hope is to avoid surgery, if possible. During 2 months of PT, Dr. Mike worked with me to provide a course of physical therapy with the goals of avoiding surgery, strengthening my muscles and tendons, and increasing the range of motion in my right hip. I can definitely say that there has been a major improvement. I am now able to walk a considerable distance without the assistance of a cane and I have regained strength in my right hip and leg. Dr. Mike is a very professional, skilled, thoughtful and compassionate physical therapist, who provides a tailored, patient-centered approach. He is also an excellent teacher and motivator. Even though I’ve had to travel a considerable distance (over 20 miles one-way) to see Dr. Mike, the progress I’ve made motivated me to keep up with the program and to regularly make the journey because the benefit has outweighed the extra effort and time. (In addition, the other staff at Old Bridge Spine and Wellness provide any needed support in a friendly environment). I am more than happy to recommend Dr. Mike!"
-Alan N (4/29/16)

"Dr. Mike treated my knee(s),the right one was causing severe pain and during treatment he noticed some issues with the left one and proceeded to have me do exercises to help them both. After finishing my treatments he provided exercises for me to do at home to maintain my pain free levels. I now work all around the yard and garden, even on my hands and knees, with no pain. He enjoys his work and truly cares for his patients."
-Chuck K (4/26/16)

"I have been going to the Old Bridge Spine and Wellness Center since the end of January. From the very beginning Dr. Mike took control of my physical therapy regimen, and even though I continue to see him, there has been marked improvement in every aspect of my physical well being. His expertise, professionalism, and judgement as he practices his vocation is remarkable. His genuine interest and commitment to make his patients feel better is exceptional. Along with his knowledge of his field he also brings warmth and a great sense of humor to all his interactions with his patients and his co-workers. The working atmosphere is charged with a positive energy which itself makes one feel good. I feel so fortunate to have been recommended to this place. And look forward to getting fitter and better and pain free under Dr. Mike's able guidance. Thank you, Dr. Mike!!"
-Kasturi (3/4/16)

"I've been coming to old bridge spine and wellness for about three months because of back and chest pain. I've been doing heavy labor for work since I was eighteen years old. This last year I worked hard for a union outfit that cared nothing about their men and more about the money in their pockets. Unfortunately this is the way of our world today. It's easy to think everyone can be as horrible as these people in the labor world . That was until I met the crew at oldbridge spine and wellness! Their job is to strengthen your body and keep a smile on your face. I am very greatful for my physical therapist Big Mike Zolotnitsky. Unlike the organization of fools that I work for, these men and women KNOW what they're doing and actually care to strengthen and build you physically and mentally. Thanks to Big Mike and the family at oldbridge spine and wellness, a lot of my pain that I've had for years now is gone away and I actually feel stronger ! Only way to put it is God Bless you guys and keep doing what you're doing! The world is a better place with the hands of you the healers. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!"
-Joeseph S (3/3/16)

"This was my first visit to a chiropractor.Your staff is wonderful, extremely helpful and very accommodating. Dr. Michael Zolotnitsky was professional with assuring answers to questions posed about treatment and procedures. The physical therapy is exceptional. Everyone is very friendly. It’s a very comfortable office. Thank you!"
-Maria (2/29/16)

"I would like to share with you my experience at the Spine and Wellness facility in Old Bridge, NJ.
In early September I had total knee replacement and on the recommendation of my family in Morganville, I came to your facility near the end of September and that is when I met Michael Zolotnitsky.  I have to admit that I was in a lot of pain and still weak from surgery.  I came every other day for therapy and very often I would break down and cry because it was painful but I knew that it would subside in time.  I may have given Mike a hard time in the beginning but he was firm and at the same time gentle with me.  He coaxed me and encouraged me and gave me all the reasons why I needed intense therapy.  His encouraging words and little pep-talks kept me going.  In a short while I felt stronger and was able to handle the therapy.  I even looked forward to my next Session!!!  I became positive instead of negative, cheerful instead of discouraged.
When I look back, I have to say that if it wasn't for Mike I would not be where I am today.  I'm walking without pain, I no longer need a 'scooter' in the supermarket, I can climb stairs, etc. all because Mike was patient with me and he just knew that I would overcome this and be back to normal once again.  I deeply appreciate all he has done for me.  I admire his sense of humor, his knowledge, and his experience and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
I also got to know some of the staff who was friendly, courteous, and also helpful.  It was a pleasure to see them at every visit!
-Marie C (1/8/16)


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