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Melissa Hreha, PT, DPT at Old Bridge Spine & Wellness CenterDr. Melissa is a graduate of The College of New Jersey and has recently finished her doctorate, at the top of her class, in physical therapy at UMDNJ She is well rounded when it comes to physical therapy and rehabilitation. Dr. Melissa was a physical therapy aide in Hopewell, NJ for four years where she was able to get firsthand experience while she continued her education. She also took a year worth of clinical studies at various facilities which really helped her build her foundation of techniques. In the near future, Dr. Melissa looks forward to furthering her manual skills with advanced Maitland courses, in the near future.

Dr. Melissa currently resides in Jackson, New Jersey. On her free time she enjoys the beach and outdoor activities, such as bike riding. She also has always had a love for fitness and working out! When Dr. Melissa isn’t working she always finds herself spending time with her family, friends, husband, and adorable daughter Brynlee!

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  • "Dr. Melissa is extremely professional, competent, and knowledgeable. It is nice to work with a PT Dr. with a pleasant personality who listens and responds to a clients needs. I've needed to have some exercises modified and Dr. Melissa was able to come up with alternatives that work well. All in all, in my many years of needing and going to PT, Dr. Melissa is the best."
    Diane B (12/29/17)
  • "I sustained an injury in April which required surgery. My wife recommended Old Bridge Spine and Wellness for my PT as she was going there for traction. I was very fortunate to be paired with PT Melissa Michaels. I was a little apprehensive however Dr. Michaels made me feel at ease. Dr. Michaels developed a program and gave me confidence to achieve my goals of doing normal activities. Due to Dr. Michaels aggressive PT and hands on training I am able to fully do all activities with no complications. Though my therapy lasted about 6 months 3 times a week Dr. Michaels always spent time with me asking me how I was doing, giving me more challenging exercises, checking my progress, etc. I would highly recommend Dr. Michaels as a PT as well as Old Bridge Spine and Wellness for your therapy facility. I do not think you will be disappointed with either. I am very grateful to them for getting me back to my normal daily routine."
    John V (10/6/17)
  • "Excellent!! Exceeded all of my expectations. I had never needed physical therapy before and sought treatment with my homeopathic chiropractor for more than 20 years. With recurring shoulder pain that was not responding to chiropractic, we decided an x-ray was in order. Subsequently a diagnosis of a calcium deposit/tendonitis/bursitis was made and off to physical therapy I went. My trainer at the gym recommended Old Bridge Spine and Wellness and told me to try and make an appointment with Mike. He was away at a conference and Dr. Melissa was recommended. LUCKY ME!! Melissa is a treasure! She is knowledgeable, professional, kind and supportive. The exercise program she prescribed for me was quite challenging, but never too too hard. My shoulder has never felt better. Thank you Dr. Melissa!! And by the way, the staff at Old Bridge are remarkable as well. I'll be back to strengthen my back with Dr Melissa."
    Carol G (9/14/17)
  • "Dr. Melissa quickly diagnosed the exact location of my tendonitis and was able to bring relief after the very first treatment. After 2 months of PT, I am well on the way to recovery from an injury that I have lived with for nearly a year and a half. The injury was a combination of tennis elbow and repeated use strain from my work as a musician. With her treatments, I was able to complete an entire summer of bi-weekly concerts with a minimum of pain. Dr. Melissa Michaels is a thorough professional--highly recommended!"
    Paul C (9/11/17)
  • "I wanted to share the excellent experience that I had with the Physical Therapy provided by Dr. Melissa. During my initial visit for PT for a Total Knee replacement my knee was stiff and tight and only bent 84 degrees. My thigh muscles were extremely tight and tender . The exemplary treatment provided by Dr. Melissa resulted in steady improvement of both the flexibility in bending my knee and relieving the pain in my muscles. After my third week of treatment my knee is bending 120 degrees .As a result of her treatment, I have been able to resume normal activity in my day to day activities. Thanks You Dr.! I would highly recommend Dr. Melissa based on my experience."
    Ron G (3/29/17)
  • "After my multi-level cervical fusion moving my head was almost impossible, fortunately thanks to the knowledgeable, caring and kind care of doctor Melissa I can move again and I am able to live a normal life. Thanks Dr. Melissa for everything you have done throughout these difficult months."
    Myriam F (9/12/16)
  • "My experience with Dr. Melissa exceeded my expectations. My lower back pain was severe causing difficulty walking. With meticulous care and attention, Dr. Melissa guided me through each session explaining, observing and encouraging me along the way. She provided detailed instructions for home activities and adjusted my PT if I had difficulty or as I progressed. Without a doubt, Melissa is clearly professional, knowledgeable, thorough and most importantly, kind and caring! I have completed my PT, and am pain free, and because of constant support from Dr. Melissa and all the staff, I realize the importance of continuing my exercises at home. During each of my visits, I was continually impressed with the caring and friendliness of all of the staff members."
    Marianne R (7/19/16)
  • "Melissa is by far the best physical therapist I have worked with. Her techniques, thoroughness, and personal attention are outstanding. Being a patient with chronic pain, she has helped me to feel relief and given me strategies and at-home exercises to help ease discomfort. I am very thankful for having been assigned to Melissa."
    Maryanne F (4/24/16)
  • "Dr. Melissa was assigned as my regular PT and from the first time I met with her, I knew she really cared about my condition and trying to get me on the right path to recovery. She is very thorough and always takes time to explain what she's doing. If she will not be in the day that I'm coming, she always makes sure I'm well taken care of."
    Jackie W (4/6/16)

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