Dr. Antonio Monterosso, PT, DPT

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Antonia Monterosso, PT, DPT at Old Bridge Spine & Wellness CenterWas born and raised in New Jersey. He graduated from Seton Hall University with a Bachelors Degree in Biology, which then led him to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy(DPT) from the school of Health and Science at Seton Hall University in 2009. Later that year his interest in orthopedic care continued to grow immensely. Dr. Antonio understands that medical education is an ongoing process, and he continues to supplement his education with MAPS (Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminars). He has a passion for Manual Therapy and his ultimate goal is to receive his COMT (Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist).

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"I have, on 2 occasions, used the services of Old Bridge Spine and Wellness.  In the first, which occurred in 2015, I was suddenly unable to raise my left arm much above my shoulder without experiencing major pain. In the second, which occurred in 2016, a pre-existing condition where I felt some pain turning my head to the left, suddenly got worse with the pain increasing.  My range of motion decreased and I was unable to hold my head to the left for a brief amount of time.  This made looking for traffic while driving very difficult. 

For the pain in my arm, I found that by the end of my treatment, it was completely gone and to this day has not reappeared.  By the time my second treatment ended, my range of motion had increased, the pain was considerably lessened, and I can hold my neck to the left as long as I need to. 

On both occasions while receiving treatment, I have found the personnel at the facility to be warm, caring, and extremely easy to work with.  I have been greatly impressed with how quickly they will volunteer assistance, any time, it appears that one of the patients needs help in completing an exercise.  In particular, I have been very pleased with the personal care and treatment provided by Dr. Antonio.  In fact, I have been so impressed with his work that I have already modified my will and made him one of my beneficiaries.  I am also considering adopting him and changing his name to Jerry Jr.

I am hoping that I will not be returning for treatment any time soon, but if I do, it is very reassuring knowing that they are there to provide it."
-Jerry H (1/18/17)


  • "Great. He educates you. He listens and gets your background. His staff is fantastic. I highly recommend him."
    Gary (3/19/18)
  • "Antonio was excellent as was the whole staff. Thank you Kathleen for your help. Would highly recommend Antonio or anybody on the staff"
    Jon H (2/2/18)
  • "Antonio is an excellent therapist who has an array of techniques and exercises for the shoulder complex. I had difficulty showering and driving after surgery and he helped restore my range of motion painlessly. Come see this master of mobility!
    Nick K (11/3/17)
  • "Dr Antonio is a great healer. I came with a broken knee caused by an auto accident in a big pain and he make me feel better just after one therapy. He has a magic in his hand and very polite and friendly. He gave me good advice also how to feel better and faster. He is dedicated to his patient and the profession as well. I highly recommended Dr Antonio PT and his whole team. Dr Antonio provides professional experienced care to his patients and all team is very helpful and willing to care any time. Dr Antonio made me walk again on my feet THANKU very much."
    Neelima R (9/5/17)
  • "Dr. Antonio is a pleasure to work with. He is dedicated to helping his patients and genuinely care about them. I recommend him highly to anyone in need of PT."
    David G (6/20/17)
  • "Dr. Antonio is an amazing PT! He is a great guy that provides professional and experienced care for his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Antonio and Old Bridge Spine and Wellness, the staff is friendly and always willing to help."
    John C (5/26/17)
  • "Dr. Antonio is my healer who provided outstanding care for me when I injured my knee, along with staff who assisted with my care. Dr. Antonio Thanks a million you're a great Physical Therapist (Healer).""
    Maribel R (3/27/17)
  • "My experience at Old Bridge Spine and Wellness was Excellent. Not only Dr. Antonio but the whole staff. Everyone helped me during my session, and I felt like I got the best care while I was there. I would highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Antonio to friends and family. Thank you all so much!"
    Geraldine C (2/17/17)
  • "I don't even know where to begin when describing Dr. Antonio. From the day he evaluates you to the day you feel better, he is there for you every step of the way. He watches you exercise from across the room to make sure you are always doing things right. He listens to your concerns and makes sure he can do whatever it takes to make sure you get better. Between great hands on skills, being the mob (mobilizing) master, dry needling, and lots of experience with messed up shoulders, I am lucky to say say I have one awesome physical therapist!"
    Amna (2/12/17)
  • "Great experience, always corrected my form and cared for me to get back to full strength!"
    Jake N (2/8/17)
  • "Dr. Antonio has helped so much with my recurring sciatic nerve pain. He is gentle working on my back and releases the pain it causes down my leg. I highly recommend Dr Antonio Monterosso to anyone who is in pain. His biggest way of helping is that he listens to what the patient is saying. I am very happy with the care I have received at Spine & Wellness."
    Gerri D (11/19/16)
  • "When I first came to therapy my range of motion in my shoulder was limited and I had pain in my everyday activities. My shoulder now has improved greatly throughout my experience at OBSW . Antonio was very professional, helped rehab my shoulder and provided excellent therapy. I would recommend him to anybody!"
    Antoni A (11/8/16)
  • "Dr. Antonio has been taken care of my neck issues before & after my surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Antonio along with the rest of NJ Spine & Wellness Center staff for all your Physical Therapy needs. EXCELLENT SERVICE!"
    William W (11/3/16)
  • "Dr. Antonio dry needled my achilles to accelerate healing. He also worked closely with Dr. Mike to help with my recovery."
    Alex P (10/30/16)
  • "When an 11th grader leaves the office of a physical therapist saying that he would like to BE a physical therapist, you know an impact has been made. Dr. Antonio has treated my son in the past for several sports injuries and is currently working with him on post ACL reconstruction surgery rehab. As a parent, his ability to be able to reach a teenagers mind and modify the approach to get results is a very valuable asset. I too have seen Dr. Antonio several times over the past few years with excellent results of my own from plantar fasciitis to shin splints, to knee problems."
    Karin R (10/19/16)
  • "Dr. Antonio has been wonderful! When I came in with shoulder and back pain, Dr. Antonio knew just what to do. He is very knowledgeable and truly cares for his patients."
    Anthony G (10/9/16)
  • "Antonio mainly dry needled me. He was very pleasant to work with."
    Joel L (10/1/16)
  • "I am currently being treated by Dr. Antonio for severe lower back and neck issues. He truly cares for his patients' well being . He takes the time to patiently listen and caters to your needs with understanding and competency. I highly recommend Dr. Antonio and the Staff at Spine and Wellness."
    Joanne D (8/17/16)
  • "Dr. Antonio Monterosso has been more than fabulous. He has resolved multiple issues I have had, and is patient and compassionate at all times. I was at a point just a few weeks ago where I had incredibly bad spasms and pain in my leg. Antonio is a miracle worker.. after a couple of weeks, the pain and spasms are completely gone, and the numbness has pretty much disappeared."
    Annie F (6/1/16)
  • "My experience with Dr. Antonio was so much better than my expectations. I had a hip resurfacing and was not looking forward to the recovery process. That all changed after my first appointment with Dr. Antonio. His personality and professionalism combined with the friendly and supportive staff members at Old Bridge Spine and Wellness made my rehabilitation process fun. I actually looked forward to going. I highly recommend Dr. Antonio as well as Old Bridge Spine and Wellness."
    Steven G (4/9/16)
  • "Dr. Monterosso is currently treating me for pain in my left shoulder. He is an excellent doctor: very competent, hard working, understanding, courteous, helpful, and compassionate."
    Humayun S. (3/11/16)

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