Dr. AJ Gaines, PT, DPT, CSCS

Dr. AJ Gaines was born and raised in Freehold, NJ. He graduated from Saint Francis University with aBachelor of Science dual majoring in physical therapy and exercise physiology in 2014. In 2015 he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist under the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  In 2016 he received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Saint Francis University.

He is motivated by seeing patients able to reach their goals and live to their fullest potential and quality of life. His love for hands-on manual therapy, exercise, and learning help him to be a well-rounded health care professional. He has experience with Saint Francis’ Neurological Wellness clinic, and training Division 1 athletes including 3-time NEC champions for women’s swimming. He spends much of his free time with other therapists and trainers, discussing new and exciting ways to help patients.

Physical health is not just a job for Dr. Gaines, but a lifestyle and passion. He participates in annual mission trips abroad to provide physical therapy for those who cannot afford health care. Additionally, he volunteers his strength and conditioning services to young athletes in his community, and lives a fit and healthy lifestyle himself. AJ enjoys hiking, sports, martial arts, nature, going to the gym, and competing in Spartan Races.

Review of Dr. AJ Gaines

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  • "I am so pleased with the results I?m having since Dr. AJ is treating me! He is caring, considerate and makes sure I'm feeling better after treatment. He's the best!"
    Antoinette (7/5/18)
  • "From the first day I was so impressed with Dr. AJ. I had so much pain in my back , neck and shoulder after my car accident. Through 8 weeks of his hard work I feel so good. Just remember ask for Dr. AJ at the first time you go to this place"
    Jolanta L (4/20/18)
  • "I began my physical therapy with Dr. AJ Gaines . He took me step by step thru each process. I couldnt have ever imagined being able to walk comfortably. But from start to finish Dr Aj guided me along and little by little sure enough he was right. Im grateful to him with all his help and encouraging words. I couldnt have asked for a better Dr. I highly recommend him!!!!!"
    Roslyn V (4/08/18)
  • "Dr. AJ Gaines is an awesome PT to work with. He?s knowledgeable about his work and cares about his patients. He always makes me feel really welcomed and ready to work hard in order to feel better. I would definitely come back if, God forbid, I ever had another injury and would totally recommend him! He?s super personable and just an overall dope person! :D"
    Tiffany W (3/01/18)
  • "I started with Dr. AJ in June. I was in the worst pain ever. It was my neck. Dr. AJ worked with me for weeks. He was caring, understanding, professional, and yes worked magic on my neck. I then decided to have him work on the problem with my lower back. I truely believed in what he was doing. I'm still in Dr. AJ's care. He is currently working on my knees and it is the first time in years that I have been able to bend them fully. I am feeling amazing and actually went sleigh riding the other day with my grandchildren. Thank you Dr. AJ without you I would not be feeling this great!"
    Pat H (12/11/17)
  • "One the most well informed and professional Dr. I ever had take care of my well being , very polite and courteous"
    Antonio C (12/06/17)
  • "Dr AJ pushed me to my limits, making my gate and balance so much better. The stretching he applied to my legs decreased the pain and improved my mobility"
    Dan V (12/05/17)
  • "I've been progressively working with Dr AJ for a few months now and I can see that I'm improving. Dr AJ is working to get me back where I was before I got injured, firefighting, running, and playing soccer. Working with him I've been getting progressively stronger and my fear of not getting better has diminished."
    Jared G (11/21/17)
  • "Great. I won't use anyone else but AJ. He helped me out."
    Robert K (11/7/17)
  • "Super.I had shoulder surgery 3 mo.ago. With AJ help i'm 75 % back in busines. I know it takes at least 6 mo. to get back to 100%.With AJ help , i know i will be there sooner. I highly will recommend Him to my friends."
    Vulf N (11/7/17)
  • "Dr. AJ knows my back better than I know the palm of my hand. I came with 3 bulging disks and in the space of 2 months he restored me to full function. I tip my hat to Dr. AJ."
    Jay U (11/2/17)
  • "Dr. AJ was attentive and 100% focused on getting me back to all my normal functions. His well rounded approach kept my progress positive as we worked toward my goals. Thanks for all your hard work. I highly recommend Dr. AJ as well as all the staff at NJ Spine and Wellness!"
    Mike D (11/2/17)
  • "If your looking for a Physical Therapist, look no further, Dr AJ Gaines is top notch, and knows exactly what, where, and how to diagnose your problem. I ruptured my patella tendon and thru exercising, stretching, massaging, and doing home exercises, I'm doing much better. Dr. AJ is passionate about helping his patients, and is very knowledgeable. The office is clean and well equipped. The staff is pleasant and courteous. I highly recommend Spine and Wellness."
    Gerard F (10/14/17)
  • "Awesome!!. My wife (Rupa) and I (Srinath) had a very good experience with AJ, who really understood our root cause issues and was able to cater his services to alleviate them. We will definitely recommend him for any other folks. He made our legs stronger & my elbow (hands) stronger as well. Looking forward to working with him in the future as well."
    Srinath R (9/24/17)
  • "Fabulous. When I first began treatments with him I could barely walk on my right leg and now I feel like a new man. He was very polite, knowledgeable and thorough and I would highly recommend him."
    Gary S (8/26/17)
  • "My therapy with AJ was outstanding not only is he very helpful he's talented & precise with his diagnosis . It's been a pleasure working with him he's a real pro."
    Paul C (8/25/17)
  • "Very quick recovery time. Always pushes you to your full potential. Cares about you and how you're feeling."
    Alexa (8/17/17)
  • "My experience with Dr. Gaines has been exceptional. The therapy program for my stenosis had immediate results. The pain in my body was relieved and I was taught proper methods on how to continue pain control at home should it be necessary. I highly recommend Dr Gaines for any physical therapy needs."
    Dennis V. R. (8/5/17)
  • "Unbelievable. When I first when I arrived at spine and wellness I was in so much pain. After we discussed my situation AJ came up with the right plan of physical therapy for me. Today I am so much better ,almost pain free for this I thank him."
    Frank O (8/2/17)
  • "AJ is an excellent physical therapist. He is knowledgeable, caring and patient. He has been instrumental in my recovery from two herniated discs in my lower back. With his help, I am confident that I will be able to safely return to a high level of physical activity. I would highly recommend AJ!!"
    Antonio B (8/1/17)
  • "My experience with Dr. AJ was amazing! He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and truly cares about his patients and their well being. He takes his time when working with you and makes sure that he relieves any pain you are experiencing. Every visit with Dr. AJ was a pleasure. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to start physical therapy!"
    Maryam F (4/22/17)

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