Dr. Matthew Mondoro, D.C.

Dr. Matthew Mondoro, D.C.

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Dr. Matthew Mondoro at Old Bridge Spine and WellnessDr. Matt Mondoro is from Holmdel, NJ. He graduated from TCNJ with a bachelor’s of science. From there he continued his education at the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic. Dr. Mondoro graduated in 2012 as the class valedictorian.

Dr. Mondoro is a member of the ANJC as well as the American Chiropractic Association. He is certified in diverse chiropractic techniques, and is planning on furthering his certifications.

Dr. Mondoro currently resides in Tinton Falls. On his free time he enjoys giving back to the community, as well as spending time with his soon to be wife and dogs!

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  • "I had the pleasure of working with Dr.Matt for a couple of sessions and he is very professional and educated. I recommend him as well for any issues you might have he is the best."
    Catherine T (12/22/17)
  • "My experience with Dr. Matt has been excellent! I used to work with Dr. Pete who was also excellent but recently have been seeing Matt and he always adjusts me great. I've been coming for 15 years I highly recommend it here I refer my friends and family here. The environment is very pleasant and welcoming."
    Yolanda S (12/13/17)
  • "Dr. Mike is amazing. He is very compassionate, understanding, caring and listens to your concerns. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. I had knee surgery back in August and really had a bad back. With his help and dedication, I have been able to achieve great results from the exercises. This is such a welcoming facility where everyone makes sure they know your name. I am still going to physical therapy and looking forward to getting better so I can obtain my goals in the near future. Thank you, Dr. Mike you are the best!"
    Jojo (12/13/17)
  • "He is excellent and very accommodating. He helped me to recover very quickly and and the whole staff is so nice. Will recommend the facility to friends."
    Nana A (10/9/17)
  • "My experience with the wonderful Dr. Matt was incredible. Every injury that I have had he has been able to figure out a way to either fix it himself or given me tips and tricks to help work out my injury myself. I could not ask for a better chiropractor in my life. He is the best."
    David M (10/6/17)
  • "My experience I may say is excellent.The whole procedure is good.My healing went very quick and the whole entire staff are great. I will recommend anybody to come to this facility."
    Nana A (10/6/17)
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Matt for several years for maintenance and flare up treatments. He is a great Dr and always has me back on my feet and consistently feeling much better ! I wouldn't go anywhere else."
    ToniMarie F (10/6/17)
  • "Dr Matt is the Master Cracker. He took me from 0 to 99% Coming into Obsw I knew I would never be 100% because of my condition but he has gotten me back to a normal life. Nicollette and Myra the massage therapist have magic hands and make me feel great every visit. Brianna the exercise physiologist is always at my side making sure I have proper form. The front desk is always busting my chops in a loving way and making me feel right at home."
    John B (10/6/17)
  • "After just one appointment with Dr Matt my pain decreased incredibly. I am a distance runner and have been struggling with numbness/tingling in my calf along with back pain. After months of getting help from many different Dr and professionals and having no luck solving my problem, Dr Matt has got to the bottom of the problem in just one session. I really enjoyed my experience at NJSW and couldn't fault it. Cheers guys for all the help!"
    Zak S (9/21/17)
  • "I've seen many chiropractors and none have compared to Dr. Matt. He takes his time with areas that need more attention, shares his knowledge about what's going on with your body, and leaves you feeling wonderful as soon as you leave the chiro table! Definitely the best chiropractor I've ever worked with by far!"
    Stefanie P (8/30/17)
  • "Best doctor ever."
    Erin K (5/10/17)
  • "Dr Matt knows just where to touch to make pain disappear with his magical hands! He has made me a believer out of me. He is super knowledgeable, caring, patient and gentle and I highly recommend him. All around he is really nice and a great Doc!"
    Karen D (1/19/17)
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Matt's for 3 years and counting. Dr. Matt and the OBSW physical therapy staff facilitated a plan for me following a spinal compression fracture injury which also included treatment for my chronic migraines and neck muscle spasms. Dr. Matt’s incredible professionalism, patience, and enthusiasm keeps me coming back for regular adjustments and I will not go anywhere else for treatment! Dr. Matt is an exceptional Chiropractor and I will continue to recommend him and the Old Bride Spine and Wellness practice to my family and friends!"
    Rita N (10/13/16)
  • "Dr. Matt is a phenomenal chiropractor. His amazing hands on skills along with his exceptional personality helped me get thru rehab after being in a car accident back in February. I was having symptoms of neck pain with tingling into my shoulder blade. After multiple adjustments from Dr. Matt, I am now able to go back to my normal daily activities. Thank you so much Dr. Matt for your positive attitude and all your hardwork throughout my recovery!! Anyone looking for a chiropractor with amazing manual skills as well extremely knowledgeable, I highly recommend Dr. Matt and his amazing colleagues at OBSW!"
    Reshma M (10/3/16)
  • "Very positive experience with Matt. He is very enthusiastic and very pleasant to work with."
    Joel L (10/1/16)
  • "Dr. Matt, aka Dr. Rock Star. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and listened to my concerns. I feel confident that he effectively treated my symptoms. Highly recommend Dr. Matt."
    Ann Marie (8/23/16)
  • "Great Doctor! Shows great concern for his patients, extremely caring, and has Awesome hands! Very professional and always pleasant. Great Experience!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Mondoro @ Old Bridge Spine & Wellness!!"
    Rosalind D (8/13/16)
  • "Very very pleasant, as always."
    Lana B (4/26/16)
  • "He is a fantastic guy, the nicest guy ever! Extremely skilled. Kind and caring. An absolute professional. The staff is wonderful. Definitely would recommend."
    Suzette (4/23/16)
  • "Excellent"
    Carol R (4/23/16)

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