John Baker, MS, LAT, ATC

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John grew up in Jamesburg, NJ before attending Rutgers University. At Rutgers, John was an exercise science major with a minor in cinema studies. Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree, John furthered his education at Seton Hall University. As a graduate student, John worked with athletic trainers in a variety of settings. These include local high schools, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Seton Hall University, and the United States Military Academy at West Point. In May 2015, John graduated at the top of his class, earning his Master of Science in Athletic Training.

John is an avid believer in self-myofascial release, and has a variety of techniques in his arsenal. Feel free to ask him any questions that you have, as John also loves to teach. In his spare time, John enjoys going to the park, practicing yoga, watching movies, and spending time with his niece and nephew.

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"After learning that my son would need pre-hab before surgery for a football season ending injury I worried that it would be all too consuming for my son with the start of senior year, applying to colleges, not being able to walk unassisted, drive, and the loss of something he was looking forward to so much - football. John said something akin to, "I got him". Having played football for the same coach, John was able to speak the language and understand exactly how my boy was feeling. Without fail he has been there supporting and encouraging him physically and mentally with all things before, during, and after the surgery. What can make a Mom feel better when her 6 foot 2', 220 'baby' is going in for surgery? John Baker can! Through a colleague at the office, he was able to observe the surgery and was there at the center before we even arrived with the patient and stayed until we safely put him in the car on the way home. Dr. Pete did well in hiring this gem. Always positive, caring and mostly always making really good jokes (ha ha) - John is knowledgeable, explains things in depth, and is the biggest cheerleader (with a beard) any Mom could ask for her baby boy!"
-Karin R (10/19/16)

  • "Very professional ,caring and attentive trainer. Thank you so much John!"
    Jolanta L (4/20/18)
  • "John is very understanding and compassionate with his patients. I look forward to my sessions with John because I know it will be worth it. He helps me so much with everything such as my balance, coordination, and gives me great advice on my walking. He makes me feel comfortable when I?m doing my exercises and he is very knowledgeable. John always has a smile on his face with some humor in my session. Physical therapy is tough but he makes it more enjoyable. He pushes you to your limits and is dedicated to his patients. John and Dr.Mike helps me so much with my knee and I am glad that I am a patient at this facility."
    Jojo (12/13/17)
  • "We have been dealing with John for three different occasions and each time has been more pleasant. First John worked with my daughter for her shoulder, than her knees and now I am working with him for my knees. I have to say physical therapy is tough, and the fact that I know we will see John when we go makes the whole situation so much better, maybe even "fun" to be doing physical therapy. If you are given the opportunity to work with John you will be happy he was the person helping you on the road to recovery!!"
    Heather H (9/18/17)
  • "John is always encouraging and looking over with a watchful eye. He makes sure my form is always perfect and always lends a hand when he sees me struggling. John also loves to share his knowledge with others, as I have learned many useful tips from him to carry along with me! Thanks John!"
    Stefanie P (8/30/17)
  • "John does a great job with me & incorporates fun games to help with my therapy from my concussion! Thanks John."
    Ed M (8/29/17)
  • "John is an excellent athletic trainer. He provided me with some great strategies and improved my overall performance at the crossfit gym. Highly recommend."
    Jacqueline C (5/30/17)
  • "John was amazing and made a huge impact to my overall experience at OBSW. John always made sure that I was completing new and different exercises that helped build my core strength and manage my pain. John always encouraged me to do things I didn't even know I could do! He is truly gifted with a talent to help, motivate, and care for people. I highly recommend John to anyone who is lucky enough to be able to work with him."
    Maryam F (4/22/17)
  • "John was awesome he made sure to make it a point to take my blood pressure at least once on each visit. He made sure that I didn’t skip any planned workouts for the day, even if I tried. He kept my time there interesting and motivating."
    Vernon M (4/1/17)
  • "Excellent. Keep up the good work."
    Pat D (2/19/17)
  • "Always helps with exercises and corrects my form. Has been a great help to my recovery with my hamstring!"
    Jake N (2/8/17)
  • "To john thank you very much for being a good friend and athletic trainer to me."
    Leonardo F (2/8/17)
  • "John is awesome! Extremely knowledge and helpful. I came in with two herniated discs and was unsure what to do. He helped me figure out where I need to improve and how I can help myself heal. He will explain things in terms that you can understand and is very interested in seeing you progress. Even after I no longer attend, he still has called and checked up on me. If you have any problem I 100% recommend John."
    Max F (2/2/17)
  • "Although John was a football player, I feel like he has been my biggest cheerleader and a huge motivator to my continued recovery and success. Always there with inspiration, humor and wit he is capable of making you give it your all, without you even realizing it. John is extremely knowledgeable about tweaking the minutest detail to make your exercise more productive and beneficial. He is attuned to the slightest alteration in your mood or comfort level. My balance, gait, energy and strength have improved immensely because of Dr. Mike and John. I will forever feel indebted to you for all you have helped me find in me. Your belief in me and my abilities were a pivotal point in my belief in myself and my participation in the Muckfest MS was a direct result of you. You truly are a special, unique person and OBSW & their patients sure got lucky when they hired you!"
    Karen D (1/19/17)
  • "John was the most caring person I have ever worked with. Not only with me, but with my friend who suffered a football season- ending injury. Every time I was there for my return to play rehab after suffering a concussion, John had me working my butt off. Thanks to him and everyone at Spine and Wellness, I feel confident for when I get to play field hockey in college! Thank you so much John!!"
    Allie A (1/16/17)
  • "Very thorough and knowledgeable, takes good care."
    Mylsamy P (11/9/16)
  • "John is very knowledgeable and is always monitoring your progress and points out adjustments you should make when performing exercises. He helped me attain my goals, which was strengthening my core."
    Tom R (10/12/16)
  • "John was wonderful to work with. He really helped me learn how to exercise more effectively and safely. I learned proper techniques for strength training!"
    Christine B (10/11/16)
  • "John is amazing! He is very friendly and makes the healing process fun as well as challenging. He has been working collaboratively with my fabulous Pt, Dr. Michelle, to treat a tear in my ATFL and the results have been amazing. He is a pleasure to be around."
    Rhiannon S (5/26/16)

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