Speed and Agility Training

Old Bridge Speed and Agility Training Supports Sports Injury Rehab

If you are an athlete who has sustained a sports injury, the right rehabilitation process can make the difference between a speedy recovery and ongoing injury problems. Our Old Bridge chiropractors and physical therapists provide comprehensive physiotherapy services for enhanced sports injury rehabilitation, including speed and agility training. Speed and agility training will help you become a stronger, faster athlete by decreasing reaction time and increasing strength, balance, coordination and speed.

Speed and Agility Training Key to Enhance Athletic Performance

Our speed and agility training program focuses on enhancing athletic performance after a sports injury. For example, if you have sprained an ankle or are recovering from knee surgery, you may be frustrated that your current athletic performance is not as fast or as quick as it was prior to your injury accident. Our chiropractors and physical therapists can not only help bring you back to your previous skill level, but also enhance all aspects of your athletic performance. Even following an injury, many athletes find that through our training program, they are ultimately able to perform better than they did prior to their injuries.

Speed and agility training is a form of training that uses different exercises and drills to improve running mechanics, explosiveness and controlled directional change. Speed is the rate at which you move from one target to another. Agility is the ability to move and change direction quickly in a controlled manner. Our sports exercises focus on the components of speed (running form, first step quickness, resisted speed and technique) and the mechanics of agility (change in direction, lateral quickness, multi-directional, foot speed, reaction time). We also offer complementary coordination and flexibility training to enhance all aspects of athletic performance.

Our speed and agility program focuses on functional training drills to build back you athletic skills and ultimately increase your competitive advantage. Many individuals fear that they will reinjure their bodies by training too hard after their injuries. Our physical therapists are sensitive to these concerns and work closely with our Old Bridge chiropractor to create a personal training program that supports your body’s natural healing process. 

Depending on the extent of your sports injury, we may first begin with corrective care exercises that focus on mastering basic movements and building strength. For example, if you suffer from chronic knee pain due to an injury, building strength in the muscles and soft tissues near your knee will help increase your stability and performance while playing sports. This basic foundation is necessary before progressing to more advanced speed and agility training.

Once your body is ready for advanced speed and agility training, we will create a series of drills to improve these skills. These drills should be performed two to three times per week, during post-op recovery and preseason training. Once you return to your regular level of fitness, the drills can be integrated into your previous training program for continued athletic skills enhancement.

To learn more about our sports rehab program, contact our Old Bridge chiropractor staff today!

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