Screening Tools

Old Bridge Diagnostic Screening Tools Help Patients Regain Full Range of Natural Movement

At NJ Spine and Wellness, our chiropractic and physical therapy care teams use the latest screening tools to precisely diagnose spinal injuries and restricted range of motion. Our diagnostic screening tools help us precisely pinpoint the location of different problems affecting the musculoskeletal system. Following a positive screen test result for scoliosis, for example, our chiropractic physical therapy care teams will create a customized treatment program to address your restricted range of mobility and help restore as much movement as possible.

Screening Tools Include Selective Functional Training & Physical Performance Testing

The selective functional movement assessment is a diagnostic screening tool that helps our chiropractic and physical therapy teams create customized selective functional training programs. This comprehensive assessment identifies common movement patterns where a musculoskeletal impairment is compromising functionality. This clinical assessment is the best way to identify motor control problems and movement dysfunction. Our assessment and intervention model is important for helping individuals who suffer from a wide-range of movement impairments, including scoliosis.

If you suffer from restricted range of motion due to injury or a chronic health condition, the results of our selective functional movement assessment will help our team create a customized selective functional training program for your health needs. For example, if mobility restricts in the spine are affecting your ability to walk or run, balance and flexibility exercises can help bring back natural movement.

In addition to selective functional movement assessment, our chiropractic and physical therapy teams also use physical performance testing. This series of diagnostic tests helps to identify patterns of restricted mobility, including the muscles, ligaments and tendons that may be compromising full functionality. Performance testing includes traditional athletic conditioning, as well as balance, coordination and flexibility. Just like our selective functional movement assessment, a positive screen indicates specific movement patterns where functionality has been compromised. Depending on the results from your diagnostic tests, our chiropractors and physical therapists will teach you corrective care exercises to bring movement safely back to the body.

Not every chiropractic center utilizes these advanced technological assessments to identify health problems within the body. This is one reason why patients routinely choose our practice for their pain management and injury rehabilitation needs. By integrating these advanced diagnostic tests with state-of-the-art rehabilitation and pain management services, we are able to offer our patients an elevated level of service. Our comprehensive approach to treatment helps patients heal following injury and regain a full range of movement.

Whether you have recently sustained an injury or are working through a long-term health condition like scoliosis, the right diagnostic tools can make a significant difference for your long-term prognosis. By quickly and efficiently identifying the precise problem affecting your body, our team is able to begin treatment as soon as possible. Most importantly, we can be assured that we are treating the correct musculoskeletal injury.

To learn more about our screening services, including physical performance testing and selective functional training, schedule a diagnostic appointment with our chiropractic care team today!

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