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144 State Route 34 Matawan, NJ 07747
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I came to the Old Bridge Spine and Wellness Center in March, 2014 with an MRI full of back problems. As the exercises progressed, sometimes there was more pain than others; however, I discovered that I was working harder and doing more. Even though it hurt, it felt good! For me the inability to exercise on my own was extremely difficult to absorb. Swimming is my love and I wasn't able to swim at all. Any kind of movement, even in the water, caused me so much pain, I had to stop.

Little did I know then that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

In July, 2014, I decided to incorporate acupuncture with the physical therapy and I am so pleased to say that by mid August, I was able to start swimming again and by early Sept, my pool sessions ranged from 40-50 minutes every other day.

There aren't enough superlatives to describe the people here. Dr. Peter Bufano has put together not just a professional staff, but real people who genuinely care about each patient that walks through the door. Everyone works as part of a team. This can't be stressed enough. It doesn't matter which staff members are there during your appointment – you can be sure that your individual therapy procedure is recognized by everyone. There is no concern that comes with “oh, here’s someone I don’t know and now I’ll have to start all over” syndrome.

It's very easy to get frustrated and sometimes depressed when progress doesn’t seem to be fast enough, but as I learned, it truly paid to take the necessary time to get better. Although my back disorders haven’t totally healed on their own, my body strength and stamina have returned to a level I couldn’t imagine back in March.

Thank you everyone so much for your kindness, caring and patience that got me back to the pool and life.

Beth R.
Old Bridge, NJ

I came to Old Bridge Spine & Wellness Center to regain strength, balance and flexibility, after having undergone spinal surgery. My experience has been very satisfactory. After 18 sessions I am well on my way toward a complete recovery. My sessions usually ran about an hour and a half.

I found that some of the exercises were more enjoyable than others, but I understand that those which were less enjoyable were probably more beneficial since they expose where major weaknesses exist. I must confess that I did enjoy the massages, stim and heat that I got at the end of my sessions.

The care and professionalism of the staff was very exemplary and I wish to give a special thank you to Melissa Hreha DPT who did most of my sessions. She was great.

Jules Strachman

Thank you again for your patience and compassion. You made me feel
very comfortable.

Virgina F

Your kindness, care, and professionalism are very much appreciated. Thank you Dr. Antonio for your care and instruction during my rehabilitation process. It is wonderful to be back on my feet (and in my shoes!) again.

Esther L

It has been several years now that you have been treating  me for both back and neck and shoulder conditions. You have always listened and never dismissed any discomfort/pain I had. You were caring and compassionate and went beyond diagnosis and treatment. I have always felt like I am in "good hands."


Thank you all for making my chiropractic and physical therapy a truly pleasant experience. Everyone is upbeat, caring and very professional. I always felt that the staff made me want to strive to do my very best! Now I am feeling stronger and most importantly...PAIN FREE!

Marilyn G

I met with Dr. Pete after being told I needed surgery on my foot for plantar fasciatis and tendonitis.  I opted for therapeutic treatment instead of surgery.  My therapy took approximately 2 ½ months and I can say that I am walking fine and living pain free.  Dr. Pete and his staff are wonderful and saved me from having to undergo a painful surgery. Thanks Dr. Pete!


Six weeks ago when I walked into Old Bridge Wellness Center I could not lift a piece of paper and hand it across the table. After 6 weeks of radiation treatment due to breast cancer I understand my left shoulder was badly inflamed. Dr. Antonio is my physical therapist and has done wonders with me. Because my left shoulder was very tender, red and at times painful to the touch it made my treatments more sensitive, but the compassion, tenderness and caring he showed me I knew I was in the right place and I was going to get better. Although my left shoulder is not at full strength as it was before the radiation it is definitely much better than it was 6 weeks ago. I am able to lift things that I was not able to do before. I am getting better with every treatment. All the staff at the center is great they always ask how you are doing and always ready to help you. Thank you!

Elaine K

I have been visiting Old Bridge Spine and Wellness Center since May of this year due to an automobile accident. My injuries sustained were a major concern of mine as everyday life was that much more harder; never in a million years did I think that caring for myself including everyday activities such as showering, getting dressed and simply walking would be so difficult after sustaining such injuries to my lower back from a car accident injury. From the moment I walked into the facility I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism from the entire staff with an overwhelming sense of great hospitality. I had a chance to personally deal with every staff member due to my complications and I can honestly say not one of them was better than the other; however, it is easy to say as a team they are second to none because they actually care unlike other facilities that seem to just go through the motions and send you on your way.

My initial consultation was extremely thorough in order to guarantee that I was going to not just get treatment, but the kind of treatment tailored to my specific needs to ensure that I would make the quickest recovery possible in the safest way. While doing physical therapy each staff member would always make sure I was doing any of the exercises the proper way, explain what each exercise does, and why it is needed. I am currently undergoing physical therapy and I have made much improvement since my first visit. With the wealth of knowledge and talent this facility offers it is hard for me say this is a "good" facility, that's actually an understatement because it is such an exceptional place...very few places can you walk into, at your wits' end because of an injury, and leave with a smile and sense of assurance that you are in the right hands.

Thank you Old Bridge Spine and Wellness for your continued guidance and support!

Kindest Regards,
Philip S

Good morning.

I am writing to tell you about my amazing experience with Dr. Dan at Old Bridge Spine and Wellness.

Days after preparing for a huge bbq at my home, I was experiencing extreme lower back pain. Since I was under the care of a doctor who specializes in arthritis and osteoporosis, I went to her for help. She prescribed medication for the pain and an xray. Days later I went back; I was still having pain. The doctor had the results of the xray and told me that I have arthritis in one of the discs in my back. This news was really shocking to me and I thought I would never be painless again. I told her that I did not want to take any more pills and I told her I was depressed and worried because I could not excersize at all. She told me that maybe some physical therapy could help and gave me a prescription for 8 sessions. Her office is in Freehold, NJ and her staff could not recommend a physical therapist in my area (Matawan). I made some phone calls and realized that Old Bridge Spine and Wellness, one of the places I called, was on the way home from work on Rte 34 in Old Bridge so I selected them.

A day or so later, when I met Dr. Daniel Neissany, or Dr. Dan as he likes to be called, I still had a great deal of back pain. He spent over an hour with me to assess the location of my pain and to establish some treatment options. He told me that his plan of treatment and exercise would take the pain away. I was not convinced that he could help but during this first treatment he located the exact spot and proceeded to give me a very deep massage of the area. When he was done I did feel a little better. A day or too later I was feeling much better. In the visits that followed I was active in the office's "gym". Dr. Dan gave me various exercises to do to assist in strengthening my "core". I convinced myself that if I do these exercises I could conquer this pain. I did the exercises at home and, to my surprise, I discovered that I am strong and resilient person. I started running and biking again. I even played some badminton which was real test of my back and body.

It was during the treatment period that I mentioned to Dr. Dan that I had been experiencing pain in my left lower side for months. I told him that I thought it was my colon and had a colonoscopy and that the results were negative. Then I told him my next stop was for a ultrasound by my GYN of my groin area. Dr. Dan assessed the area, told me that it is a muscle that is causing me pain and the ultrasound would have negative results. Once again he found the area that was causing the pain and he treated it with manual therapy. Days later the results of the ultrasound proved Dr. Dan was correct; there was nothing wrong with my ovaries, etc. On my last day of treatment, Dr. Dan gave me written instructions and showed me various exercises to do daily to continue my healing. Being pain free is very important to me so I am making time to do them each day.

I cannot thank Dr. Dan enough for his expertise and his approach to healing and wellness. Other members of the staff at Old Bridge Spine and Wellness were also part of my experience and I thank them to.

I recommend Old Bridge Spine and Wellness to anyone in pain.

Alison R

Thank you everyone at OBS&W for being so wonderful! My back feels great! You motivated me to join the gym! So not only do I feel good, but I look good too! I couldn't have done it without you and can't thank you enough!

Thank you!

Alicia G

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all that you and your staff have done for me to help me with my back pain and neck pain. I am feeling so much better and the tingling is so minimal now and I can not express how grateful I am for all you have done for me. Thank you again.

Christine R

Old Bridge Spine and Wellness Center has been a professional physical therapy organization. Paulina has been caring, passionate and an excellent physical therapist who has helped me tremendously. Paulina is awesome!

Sherry B

I tore my ACL playing soccer in 2007 and had surgery to repair it six months after. I was directed to start therapy by my sergeant for the next six months. By the end of my therapy I was not completely satisfied with my condition and decided to just move on and ignore the fact that my knee could not straighten out 100%. As the years went on I had on and off pain in my knee as well as terrible range of motion and even normal activities, such as walking to class would aggravate my knee. Being an athlete and enjoying the gym I pushed myself and unfortunately began to just live with the pain.

I met Dr. Dan of Old Bridge Spine and Wellness Center and immediately he noticed the condition of my knee and questioned me about it. I shared my story with him and he informed me that is was never too late to work on it. With that said, I decided to give it a try and began physical therapy with him and have seen more progress in myself and my condition in a couple months than I have over the last 5 years.

My knee is almost completely straight and I have been able to engage in the activities that normally caused me discomfort with zero pain. Dr. Dan is not only intelligent and motivating he is also very caring and concerned about everyones individual conditions. Old Bridge Spine and Wellness Center has two beautiful, convenient offices that provide a wonderful atmosphere in which makes you want to strive to your fullest potential. I have never been happier.

Jaclyn G

I recently fractured my wrist playing football with my friends. Due to the injury I had to take a leave of absence from work for a couple months. After I saw my doctor, I was advised to do physical therapy in order to strengthen my wrist before returning to work. I came to Old Bridge Spine and Wellness to do my physical therapy care and I could not be happier with my results.

The first day I walked in they made me feel comfortable and at home and reviewed my goals I wanted to reach. The PTs assured me they would do all they could to help me meet these goals so I could return to work at 100%.

I would recommend Old Bridge Spine and Wellness. The staff is very caring and compassionate at what they do and I could see improvement in myself after every visit. I am now back at work and performing at 110%. Thanks again! 

Justin T

I just wanted to send a thank you to the entire staff of Old Bridge Spine and Wellness! When my back first went out, the pain was so unbearable that breathing was hard to do...I was apprehensive to go to a chiropractic service but I made the decision to do so and it was the best thing!! They have treated my issues and corrected them. To make sure I stay well, I make it a point to visit once in a while but really it's just to stop in and say hello as they are so welcoming and professional. 11 out of 10 rating as they've exceeded my expectations.

Adam S

I have just completed 12 sessions of Physical Therapy with Dr. Antonio Monterosso along with his assistant Vinny. This was my first experience with Physical Therapy and it was a very pleasant one. I did not have to wait to be seen and always went right into this office. All my questions were answered and all the exercises were explained to me and shown the correct way to continue them at home. I would highly recommend this office to anyone in need of Physical Therapy. The staff was always pleasant and professional. Thank you.

Richard A

Thank you all for your positive attitudes, personal care and concern during my rehabilitation. The integrated approach you utilize for treatment was key to my progress. My condition has exceeded what I believed possible! Thank you again.

Elaine D