Game Ready Treatment

Game Ready Treatment in Old Bridge Advances Athletic Performance

Game ready treatment, including chiropractic care, helps patients perform their best on and off the athletic field. Proactive care reduces the risk for injuries and supports whole body health by maintaining proper spinal alignment. Whether you are training for a big race, wish to improve your endurance and stamina, or beginning a workout program for the first time, game ready treatment is an important part of any training program.

Preventive Care and Game Ready Treatment Reduces Risk for Sports Injuries

Game ready treatment helps to reduce the risk for sports injury by keeping the body healthy. The spine is the body’s foundation; when it is properly aligned, the body functions in a state of  ease. A misalignment or spinal injury can affect the entire body, compromising the brain’s ability to send and receive messages through the central nervous system. Individuals with a spinal misalignment may suffer from pain, injury, fatigue and stress. However, not all individuals with a spinal misalignment immediately experience pain or other noticeable health problems. In fact, many patients slowly enter a state of “dis-ease” and do not even realize it. Body functions may slowly break down until one day a serious injury occurs.

Regular chiropractic adjustments are the best way to prevent a serious injury and help the body maintain a state of ease. If you are new to chiropractic care, during your first visit our chiropractor will perform diagnostic tests to determine if there are any spinal subluxations currently affecting your health. An undiagnosed subluxation could be compromising not only your athletic performance, but also your overall health. Once any subluxations are identified, our chiropractor will work to correct these problems with natural pain management. Next, we will design a proactive care program to support your overall spinal health and reduce the risk for sports injuries.

Depending on your current athletic training program, we may also recommend the addition of corrective care exercises to improve flexibility, balance and posture. All too often training programs focus on running faster or building strength. Flexibility, balance and posture are also important not only for enhanced athletic performance, but also for protecting the body against potential sports injuries. Our patients who receive regular chiropractic adjustments report performing better on race day. No matter what your athletic goal, regular spinal adjustments prepare your body to perform at its optimal best.

Game ready treatment helps our patients stay at the top of their game on and off the field. Proactive care not only reduces the risk for chronic pain and injury, but also supports whole body health from the inside out. Our patients sleep better at night, have more energy, and able to live a full, active lifestyle they never thought possible! Should an old injury cause you pain, chiropractic adjustments are an effective, drug-free pain management solution.

To learn more about how our game ready treatment in Old Bridge can help you reach your potential, contact our chiropractic care team today!

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