Car Accident Injury

Chiropractor Helps Car Accident Injury Patients Heal


Did you know that car accidents, even at speeds as slow as 5mph, can cause serious damage to the spine? Without proper treatment following an accident, injury victims can suffer chronic back and neck pain for months or even years after an accident. Our Old Bridge chiropractors Dr. Peter Bufano and Dr. Arlene Kazio urge all car accident injury patients to seek prompt diagnostic treatment.

Unfortunately, many patients may not experience back or neck pain until weeks or even months after an accident. Consequently, they may wait to seek care, which means that pain can intensify as the underlying injury goes untreated. If you have recently sustained a car accident injury, don't wait for pain to intensify. The earlier we can diagnose and treat your injury, the more we can do to prevent the build-up of scar tissue and long-term pain.

Old Bridge Chiropractic Care Relieves Whiplash

One of the most common Old Bridge and Matawan accident injuries is whiplash. This injury occurs when the force of a rear impact abruptly whips the cervical spine backwards and forwards. Many whiplash victims suffer from chronic neck pain, headaches, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. However, since many victims wait weeks or months before seeking treatment, many injuries are never properly diagnosed. This can lead to a lifetime of pain or reliance on medication.


We also treat many patients for a herniated disc injury. While a seatbelt is an important life-saving restraint, it also keeps the lower body and pelvis from naturally moving during an injury. This means that the lower spine may jerk forward suddenly only to be restrained by the Car accident injury pain treated with chiropractic careseatbelt, which can cause a herniated disc in the lower back. When a disc slips out of position, it may place pressure on nearby nerves. This compression can cause a radiating pain sensation in the lower back, legs and buttocks.

At our practice, we provide advanced technique for pain management. Following a car accident injury, our immediate goal is to alleviate neck and back pain. At the same time, we know that the best way to provide long-term pain relief is by correcting the underlying misalignment in the neck or lower back. This helps our patients lead active lives without dependency on prescription painkillers.

Chiropractic care adjustments are one part of a comprehensive treatment program. Corrective exercises and therapeutic massage can also promote internal healing and movement. Our goal is to provide all-natural, long-lasting pain relief without the need for medication.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, our chiropractors frequently recommend a combination of complementary therapies, such as physical therapy and massage therapy. These treatments are designed to promote internal healing while relieving pain. Physical therapy and massage therapy also help restore a full range of movement to the body, help sore or stiff muscles safely regain flexibility and motion.

Our Old Bridge chiropractic and physical therapy center is conveniently located to serve injury patients in the Matawan, Aberdeen, Parlin, Sayerville and South Amboy communities. If you are a whiplash or car accident injury victim - don't wait.

Contact our chiropractors at 732-662-2525 and start healing today!

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